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You is kind, You is smart, You is important

This week's PCT's-Positive CJ Thoughts, are going to be very abbreviated. I've been driving really hard on my work in progress first-draft-edits.

I ask that everyone take a deep breath and remember the words of Aibileen from the movie The Help. "You is kind, You is smart, You is important."

There are times when I wish I was kinder and definitely smarter. Important, ehh, well maybe to my wife and family. Possibly to those I do my best to help. The world would keep spinning no matter where I was or what I was doing. The beautiful thing is that, each and every one of us KEEPS it spinning.

Each and everyone of us has a talent. Some of us can sing, some of us can paint and yes, some of us can weave a story with colorful words that make characters and places come alive. The point is, EVERYONE has SOMETHING, you are good at.

We as individuals can accomplish a great deal, but together? Collectively, we ARE the people who can lead and cause change.

I think about the mustard seed. It's one of the smallest known seeds and yet it is prolific.

Don't believe me, plant just a few and watch your yard or garden be taken over. A tiny mustard see grows into a plant that had the ability to help eliminate soil-borne pests and diseases, NATURALLY. The problem with mustard seed plants is, that if not watched over and left unchecked, it can completely take over EVERYTHING and choke out what you want to grow.

To foster love and goodwill, we have to nurture it and become our own ambassadors of compassion and humanity.

There are those around you starving for someone to just take five minutes out of our day and give them our undivided attention.

Especially your children. Sometimes you don't need to say anything and sometimes, a simple act of kindness is all it will take to give someone a reason to feel like they matter.

I was blessed when I entered the lesbian fiction community. I've had some incredibly wonderful people who encouraged me and gave me the much-needed push to move forward with my writing. To those who told me over and over "Take a chance," I am eternally grateful.

As I try to help others spread their wings, I think about how much I may have taken for granted the time and effort others bestowed on me. If I didn't thank you enough, then accept this as my simple way to say a very heartfelt thank you.

Please everyone be kind to those around you. It is the single most important thing that so many people forget the importance of. We all need it. It cost nothing and in turn is priceless.

We have differences, without a doubt, but remember---kindness doesn't cost a thing. Every once in a while, that kindness might just be the thing that helps someone back away from the ledge and realize everything will be alright. It's also something you never have to regret, ever, even if it's not reciprocated.

Kindness gives each of us the opportunity to pay it forward and I for one, am beyond happy to empty my account.

As always if you are so inclined, my debut novel 'frame by frame' is available for purchase at your favorite online retail option.

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