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Time for some PCT's-Positive CJ Thoughts. It's going to be plain and simple because I think we need that.

First let me share the whole cover of my upcoming novel, The Bucket List. I love the sunburst.

Now for my message is simply this. Get out and vote.

Vote as if your life depends on it. Many of us in the LGBTQIA community know that the truth is this, that statement is more of a reality than a threat. You HAVE to get out and vote if you want to see a change. Whatever you do, please don't think that your vote won't make a difference.

The current administration is counting on their base to get out and vote. They are also counting on democrats being so despondent, that it will keep them away from the polls.

We cannot give in to that. For our voices to be heard, for our concerns to be seen and addressed, we have to make sure our representatives take our message to the hollowed halls of congress and fight for our rights, not suppress or delete them.

This week, Mathew Shepherds remains were given a final resting place in the National Cathedral. His service was performed by Right Rev. V. Gene Robinson. He welcomed Mathew home. An openly gay man that was consecrated, the first openly gay priest to be consecrated a bishop in the Episcopal Church welcomed a college student that was brutally beaten, robbed, and killed for his sexual orientation by two men. They tied him to a fence and left him to die. Twenty years later, His parents finally were able to give their son a safe place to rest. I for one, never want to go back to the time when more people believed it was okay for this to happen than see it as it was, murder. Unfortunately, we are headed that way.

The current administration has an agenda to erase transgender people by trying to roll back civil rights protections guaranteed under law. Now before we get into an argument about negative thoughts on being transgender, stop. I saw a perfect explanation the other day, in full color. There was an can of food with a label that said peas. The ingredients listed on that same label clearly said there were peas in there. The issue began when the can was opened up. Inside the can, clearly labeled peas, were small quarter and nickel sized…CARROTS!

The point was, a label or what's on the outside can be wrong. Those who are transgender are females with a birth certificate that says male or men with a birth certificate that says female. Just because a label says one thing doesn't mean that's truly what's been inside all along. Our government, in an attempt to appease a section of society that hates anything that's not like them wants to erase protections they have been given and in turn, the person.

Now at this point, you may be wondering, how in the world is anything in this blog a Positive CJ Thought? Here's the crux. YOUR VOTE MATTERS. If you are unhappy about the current political climate, then get to the polls and vote. Vote as if your very being depends on it. If you are transgender, it matters even more. Each one of us is given a single vote, a single vote toward the final outcome. USE IT and encourage others to do the same. Nothing will change if we don't give an opposing view. Let your voice be heard in this sea of hatred and fear rhetoric.

What can happen if things were different? Think back to the last time a candidate you believed in won and you saw the change they promised. I know, that's stretching but I have seen it. I'm legally married to my wife because of it.

You will never like every legislator or presidential decision. In the game of you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, that will always be what you'll see. What we have to hope for is that we elect decent human beings that will put PEOPLE above PARTY. Do what's right.

So, I'm hoping that you will vote, that you will help make the change back to SANITY! Decency is not just political correctness, it's by definition …. "behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability".

Recently I had to be part of the overall security for the Vice President in my capacity as a hazmat technician leader. I had to stand in his defense, a man that would ask for and send me to conversion therapy. I had to stand there and show respect for a man that sees me as less. Out of duty and professionalism, I did it and I'd do it again. That's what I do.

The problem I have is that our current standard of morality is set by a man who has none, AND holds the highest office of the United States. Our our only recourse is to remind people that decency is what our grandmothers taught us. Decency is what should be acceptable and rule the day. We have the power to change that and to do it, we have to vote for those who believe that it should always be the right thing to do.

Now, for the book stuff. Thank you Ann McMan for another stellar cover.

We are at the paper proof stage. This means fine tooth comb-how it looks on the page- stage. With this part, we do our best to try and avoid the annoying typos or dropped punctuation that drive readers crazy. I can't wait to share the whole book with you. My editor had this to say. "This book is an incredible journey. Your readers will be adding new destinations to their own bucket lists. We must make a point of actually visiting the sites on our lists."- CK King

Eternally grateful to those who have helped me get this far and I can't wait to see what happens when it's released to the masses.

In honor of that, I offer this teaser.

Jordan gratefully accepted and instinctively followed Kelea’s lead, even though she couldn’t see where she was going. Her steps were not as tentative as she would have expected. Something inside her told her to follow and not worry. Ten minutes later, they’d climbed to a small plateau. Kelea led her to a small, dome shaped structure made from hides.

“Drink your other water.”

Jordan drank and was led to the inside of the dome, where a small fire illuminated the faces of Solanya and Maiah. They sat beside each other, legs crossed beneath them as their eyes rose to meet Jordan’s. Maiah motioned for her to sit in front of her, and Kelea took a position behind her mother and grandmother. Maiah spoke softly.

Jordan reconsidered. Not really speaking exactly, singing or chanting. Jordan didn’t recognize the language or the song, yet something stirred deep inside her. She sat in what she would consider the lotus pose. In this setting, that terminology didn’t seem appropriate. She began to sweat profusely as the song continued, and she grew increasingly sleepy. The song grew fainter, and the light from the fire appeared to grow brighter until it seemed she was sitting directly beside Maiah. She noticed they were no longer inside the dome. They were sitting at the edge of the canyon wall. Before her, a wide stretch of blue sky opened up and the clouds shifted, casting shadows on the ground.

Jordan turned to Maiah “Where am I?” She watched, as a breeze blew back the silver strands of hair that surrounded the older woman’s face.

“You are in between earth and sky.”

A vision dream played out before her, vivid and striking, foreign and yet familiar in nature. Jordan heard a gentle voice calling to her and found herself curled on her side, as Solanya wiped her face with a damp cloth. Maiah was chanting and walking around the dome. She held a sprig of smoking sage in her hand and used a large brown and white feather to spread the smoke over her. The chant was so soft now, it nearly made Jordan cry with its whispering caress. Kelea helped her sit up, and she stared straight into Maiah’s eyes that still echoed the flames between them.

When Maiah ended the song, she rose and looked at Jordan. “What did you see my child?”

Jordan could barely speak. Her words came out on a strangled breath. “Uh…a…phoenix and a dragon. The dragon’s tail became roots that deeply pierced the earth. A branch sprouted…A giant tree grew with the phoenix…The dragon became its heart. Sunlight so bright, it was blinding.”

“Ah, then what I told you last night was true. You must seek the rooted dragon. Do you understand the rest of the vision?” Maiah was covering the remnants of the fire with sand from around the pit.

“I’m not sure, the vision was tripping something in my mind. I need to figure that out. Maybe something in the memorial will point me in the right direction. I know I have to find Noeul, no matter how long it takes.”

“If that is so, you must continue your quest. Solanya and Kelea will lead you from here. I must talk to the ancients to help you in your journey.”

Jordan stood on shaky legs, Kelea supporting her under one arm and Solanya’s hand at the small of her back. “Thank you, Maiah.”

So, when, you ask? Again, all I can say is soon. We hope to have this out within the first few weeks of November. Watch for the announcements on Desert Palm Press' website and Facebook page as well as my own. I'll post the web links for you below.

Remember…Go vote and take someone with you. Help make decency a part of our democracy again.

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